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Budget BlackBerry Tipped for MWC Announcement

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Since its relaunch things have been pretty quiet on the BlackBerry front, the gambit of abandoning its QWERTY-rich lineup not seeming to have paid off. In fact it’s fair to say it backfired with the touchscreen-only Z10 costing the company $1bn, a move which should have led them to rename the company InTheRedBerry. Despite this fact, and that BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen recently said it was going to back to its physical keyboard roots, it’s looking like the trouble phone-maker is going to be launching a new device at the MWC. (more…)

BlackBerry starts to look tasty again

Monday, February 4th, 2013

It was judgement day for BlackBerry last week when it launched its BB10 OS and BB Z10 and X10 handsets. It was its make or break moment, the time for snarky smartphone bloggers to work their fingers to nubs mocking it. But when the judgements came in it turns out the brand isn’t broken and there’s nothing to mock, BlackBerry has done a surprisingly good job. (more…)

Can RIM go from BlackBerry to ComebackBerry?

Friday, October 5th, 2012

A late career comeback is a notoriously hard thing to pull off but that is exactly what RIM is trying to achieve with the BlackBerry brand, and until recently it seemed it had about as much chance of succeeding as an Android user in an iPhone store does of not getting lynched. However a few rumours which have emerged this week paint quite an impressive picture when it comes to the hardware of the devices, but will fancy specs alone be enough to help the brand claw back its lost sales? (more…)