Move over Android, Samsung’s dicin’ with Tizen

March 20th, 2013 by Mark J

Samsung has become as big a name in the tech world as Apple thanks to its hugely popular Android devices but there are rumblings that it might be getting ready to wean itself from Google’s grasp. Back in February it was announced that Tizen would be replacing Bada as Samsung’s in-house OS and now promises are coming from Samsung’s direction of handsets running it that are due to be released later this year.

Though Bada handsets have been around for a while the OS never really took off in a big way so Samsung decided to give the orphaned open source Tizen a home and blend Bada’s best bits with it. It seems the result is something worth shouting about as the Galaxy-maker is set to release some high-end devices running the software later this year. And when Samsung does high-end, it really does high-end.

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2013 seems to be the year of the new OSes with Tizen joining an increasingly promising list that includes Firefox OS and Ubuntu touch. Though Android and iOS dominate at the moment, with there being seemingly little room for a new competitor, a pinch of foresight and a dose of “nothing lasts for ever” cynicism suggests that Apple and Google’s rivalry has just been the first battle of a much larger mobile OS war.

While Samsung promises that thousands of applications will be ready for the launch of Tizen at the moment the UI doesn’t look much different from the familiar 4×5 grids of iOS and Android… and every other mobile OS apart from Windows Phone.

Tizen’s future isn’t all about Samsung’s involvement though and there are 12 other companies involved in developing the platform.

One of the reasons why Samsung is choosing 2013 to begin the push of another OS to the same stratospheric heights as Android seems to be that Google is going to be releasing the first phone to come out of its ownership of Motorola this year. Although it’s been a while since Google bought Moto the fruits of the phone-maker’s time spent with its newfound parent could give Samsung’s flagship devices something to worry about.

“August or September” is the official word on when we’ll see the results of Samsung’s flirting with Tizen and if it has got the chops to pose a threat to Android.

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