Google may Dangle Chromecast Dongle in UK in March

February 14th, 2014 by Mark J

Just when you thought there wasn’t enough Google in your life the Android-maker releases a new must-have gadget. This time it’s the Chromecast Dongle, already available in the US, and it may be released in the UK in March. The device promises to be one of Google’s most inexpensive and opens up all kinds of content that can be viewed on your TV simply by plugging it in and controlling it remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

Rumours of a release date of March 1 have recently begun circulating as the dongle appeared on the Curry’s website with the date attached. However a spokesperson from Currys, speaking to The Next Web, has said that the date was just provisional, and Google has yet to make an official announcement regarding its UK availability. While this makes the March 1 arrival seem less likely it’s fair to say it’s going to be released in the UK at some point in the not too distant future.

It also doesn’t bode well for the March release that the dongle has been removed from Currys website since hitting the headlines. On the other hand the fact that the official Chromecast app was released in December in the UK goes in favour of an impending release.

When it does arrive Chromecast promises to bring all kinds of entertaining goodness wrapped up inside a dongle sized package. The USB stick-sized device simply plugs into a HDMI port and allows users to access video streaming services as well as apps. Smartphones and tablets can then be used to browse through content and control Chromecast. It isn’t just for Android devices though and can be controlled using iPhone, iPads, Chrome for Mac and Chrome for Windows.

Chromecast follows on from Google’s unsuccessful attempts to start a Google TV revolution but with a pricetag of $35 in the US, which puts it in the realm of being a disposable gadget, it’s not a lot of money to gamble on seeing whether you like your TV being smart or not. Reviews of the device in the US have overwhelmingly positive and it’s likely to be well received whenever it does reach UK shores.

How much the device will cost in the UK is currently unknown but considering it’s $35 in the US it is probably going to be somewhere around the £30 mark. Eager Chromecasters can import one from the US but will pay premium, and not all of the services will work over here.


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