Google Maps Out 3D Future with Project Tango

February 28th, 2014 by Mark J

The future of 3D isn’t all about special glasses and overpriced cinema tickets as Google has recently announced a prototype handset that can create a 3D model of a room, with exciting implications for gamers and the visually-impaired. With software that can track the 3D movement of the device, codenamed Project Tango and sensors that can create a 3D map of an indoor space an accurate model of that environment can be created.

What’s this good for you may ask? Well firstly it takes mapping inside. Directions won’t have to end at the front door and with one of these devices you might never get lost in a big building again, or spend hours trying to find where they’ve moved the jam to in the supermarket. This is great for those who get easily disorientated in shopping centres and the technology could also be used to guide people with a visual-impairment around unfamiliar surroundings.

More frivolously such a phone could take gaming to a whole new level, or at least an alternative virtual dimension. Within the screen of your phone your living room could potentially become a jungle clearing, a room in the Playboy mansion or the deck of the Enterprise and you could play hide and seek with your favourite video game character.

It would also be interesting to see if its 3D scanning capabilities could be put to use for creating models for 3D printing, as this is something that badly needs simplifying.  Also given the technology’s potential it’s not hard to imagine it powering robot eyes in the future when Google inevitably released its Android device which is an actual android.

At the moment the handset is far from ready for primetime and Google currently has 200 prototype units that it will be handing out to developers who it thinks will create the most exciting and innovative applications.


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