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Could the Wii U beat the PS4 and Xbox One this Christmas?

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

It’s likely to make any hardcore gamer bust a gut laughing but the question of whether or not the Wii U could be more popular than the PS4 and Xbox One this Christmas seems to be a serious one for one UK retailer. Based on recent sales figures and a survey of what people are saying in the twittersphere owner Rakuten claims that the Wii U and the Apple iPad are “the most talked about presents for children this Christmas.” (more…)

YouTube App Heading for 3DS at Long Last

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Many people like myself might have given up hope of ever seeing a YouTube app on the 3DS but Nintendo finally announced this week that the world’s favourite video sharing platform is coming to the handheld console “soon!” (more…)

Original Wii Says Final Goodbyes to Europe

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

It still might be more successful than its successor but it looks like the Wii has reached the end of the line in Europe. It was announced last week that after selling 100million units worldwide Nintendo has decided to discontinue the console in Europe, after doing the same in Japan. However it’s still going to be sold in the US for the foreseeable future. (more…)

2DS or not 2DS, is there a point?

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Some thought it was an April Fools prank, but then they checked the calendar and it wasn’t April. No, Nintendo was serious when it announced the 2DS. When the news broke it was met with many a raised eyebrow, a reaction caused by confusion from the device’s name, form factor and general purpose. As the name implies the 2DS is a 2D version of the 3DS, ditching the handheld’s key feature and dropping the foldable form factor which has distinguished the DS range for almost ten years now. (more…)

A flop, a media center and a tease – is it game over for consoles?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

The Mayan apocalypse may not have arrived in 2013 for all humanity but for the hardcore console gamers out there it might feel like the beginning of the end. Nintendo’s Wii U has proved itself to be a flop, with few signs of recovery and leaving Nintendo with some major upwards hole digging to do. Then there’s the PS4 which it’s hard to evaluate on the information we have at the moment, but rumours of always on internet connectivity haven’t filled Sony fans with confidence. Finally we have the recently announced Xbox One which, while it looks quite awesome on paper, is hard to call a console. (more…)

EA deals Wii U another blow

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

If the lack of success for the Wii U is down to an absence of compelling triple A titles then it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better. Last week EA confirmed that it currently doesn’t have any games in development for the console, and it seems it doesn’t have any immediate plans to develop any in the future either. Whatever your feelings about EA might be there’s no denying that for the company not to be on board with the Wii U is seriously going to hurt the console’s chances of becoming more popular. (more…)

Nintendo delivers major Wii U update

Monday, April 29th, 2013

There hasn’t been a whole lot of good news coming from the Wii U camp since the console’s launch last year. Sales figures have fallen far below Nintendo’s intended target, currently it’s only sold 60% of the consoles that it wanted to, and there just don’t seem to be that many truly compelling reasons to be interested in it. However an update arrived for the console on Friday which should make it a bit more appealing to prospective buyers, delivering improved performance and the foundations for the Wii U Virtual Console service. (more…)

Wii Mini makes a minimal impact on UK game sellers

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

A Mini Wii seemed like a good idea in principal but its recent arrival in the UK seems to have confirmed Nintendo’s poor execution of what could have been a bit of a lifesaver. Several retailers including HMV and one flagship Game store have confirmed that they won’t be selling the console because of a lack of interest from consumers. However HMV did say it would reconsider if interest in the console picks up, but at the moment that seems very unlikely. (more…)

Nintendo Wii Mini hopping down drainpipe to UK March 22

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Before Christmas Nintendo announced the slightly odd news that it was releasing a Wii Mini, but only in Canada. Now Ninty has confirmed that the console is going to be reaching the UK as well this month. The news comes in the wake of reports of poor Wii U sales and it could be that the company is hoping for a boost from its affordable mini Wii. However as cheap as the console is it does have some drawbacks which could be a deal-breaker for many. (more…)

Wii U sales slump, too early to call it a flop?

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

The initial burst of enthusiasm surrounding the Wii U when it was released may have been a misleading sign as recent sales estimates suggest that Nintendo’s newest console is not just entering flop country but booking a hotel room there as well. Various sources have come up with various figures for US Wii U sales in January but they all centre around the 57,000 unit mark. This is not a good figure as in the same month Microsoft shifted 281,000 consoles. (more…)