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Report Exposes the Real Cost of Internal Storage

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Anyone who has ever bought a memory card for their camera will know how ridiculously cheap flash storage is. Yet for someone reason we don’t seem to blink an eye when we pay the extra tens of pounds to get the latest tablet with a bit of extra memory. A recent report from Which? has looked into just how much we’re overpaying for the internal storage in our devices and the results are quite shocking. (more…)

Amazon to take on Siri with its latest purchase

Monday, January 28th, 2013

This year has already seen Nuance (well known for its Dragon voice-recognition software) reveal its own cloud-based alternative to Siri and it seems Amazon is now ready to take the voice recognition game more seriously. The company has recently acquired the Polish company Ivona Software, which has previously helped it bring speech-recognition features to its Kindle Fire tablets. (more…)

Amazon mocks iPad mini in new ad, sticks foot in mouth

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

So this kind of marketing strategy is nothing new but it’s always amusing when it turns up. Amazon has dealt Apple a slap in the face this week by running an advert comparing its Kindle Fire HD and the iPad mini side by side. While it’s a cheap trick, and one that it has used plenty of times before (the Kindle ad mocking the difficulty of reading the iPad in direct sunlight spring to mind) Apple hasn’t exactly refrained from using similar tactics itself in the past. So who comes off better? (more…)

By hook or by crook Nook plans to take over UK e-reader market

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

When it comes to Kindle competitors there aren’t many that can hold a candle (or reading light) to Amazon’s e-reader but a new Nook device has gone on sale in the UK this week which should give e-bookworms something to ponder over. Earlier this year creator of the Nook Barnes & Noble announced its intentions to take on the e-reader market over the course of the Christmas Season and as of Monday its Simple Touch GlowLight e-reader led the charge. (more…)

Why ereaders aren’t soulless

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Whenever I’ve talked to paperback fans about the wonders of ereading I’ve always gotten that look which I imagine is akin to a relationship counsellor’s reaction after hearing a client has left their significant other and married a robot. Then there’s the argument that reading something on a digital device just doesn’t have that same “feel” as real paper between your fingers – the gradual signs of wear, the dog ears and the imperfections – that mysterious personality that’s the closest an inanimate object can come to having a soul. While I agree that the bits of information which make up an ebook are never going to have the same warmth as their inky equivalent, I would argue that the ereader itself has just as much soul as any paperback that might occupy a bookshelf or bedside table. (more…)

AWOL eBooks – What’s missing from the Kindle Store?

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Have you ever been browsing for a classic on Amazon’s Kindle Store only to find that an eBook version of it doesn’t exist. Have you then gone back weeks or months later to discover it’s still not there? Seems there are a few significant omissions from the Kindle’s collection, but don’t hold your breath that you’ll be seeing them soon. Old-fashioned authors not wishing to admit defeat to the digital age are holding back your paperback favourites from finding a home on your ereader. Not only does it suck for bookworms but ultimately the authors are losing out too. (more…)

ebooks conquer Amazon’s paperback fortress in the UK

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

The US hit the milestone a while ago but now Amazon has announced that in the UK ebooks, from its store at least, are outselling paperback and hardback books. By a decent margin as well. For every 100 physical books that are sold Amazon sells 114 Kindle books, and that’s just so far in 2012. Although it’s taken longer for us Blighty bound ebookworms to help achieve this landmark in publishing it is worth pointing out that the Kindle hasn’t been available here for as long as it has in the US. Regardless of how long it’s taken the announcement is another huge step for the ebook on the road to digital dominance. (more…)