Asus Windows Tab with Wacom Pen Hits US

February 10th, 2014 by Mark J

Last month Asus revealed a promising Windows 8.1 tablet at CES, the VivoTab Note 8. It was expected to go on sale over here this month but it seems Microsoft was a bit keener to release it in the US as over the weekend it has been spotted on sale from the American Microsoft Store.

For $329 US Windows fans can order the device which offers an 8” display, 2GB of RAM and an Intel Atom Z3740 1.33GHz processor. On the front there’s a 1.2mp camera joined by a 5mp one on the back and it comes with 32GB of built-in storage with a microSD card slot for expansion. Battery life is said to be up to 8 hours.

The feature that sets this apart from other tablets though is the inclusion of a Wacom pen which promises a natural handwriting and drawing experience and has its own slot in the bottom of the tablet. Wacom is no stranger to teaming up with tablet makers even if tablets bundled with styluses have never really taken off in a big way.

There’s no word on an exact release date for the UK but the US release suggests it shouldn’t be too long. However the quiet nature of the launch raises suspicions that maybe someone jumped the gun when they made the device live on the store. This could be why the tablet is currently out of stock, or it could be that the tablet is quite popular.

When it does arrive in the UK the VivoTab Note 8 is going to cost £300. Though it might not be worth that much based on the specs alone with the added bonuses of Windows 8.1, not the watered down RT, and the Wacom stylus, it may just be worth the money for anyone who wants all the functionality of their favourite Office programs (which are included). For those not so bothered about doing anything work-related or artistic on their tablets a Nexus 7 might be a better, and cheaper, choice.

Of course for £300 there are plenty of laptops out there that would offer the same functionality with a keyboard, but not much of a trade off in terms of bulk. Even so the VivoTab Note is one of the more tempting Windows tablet and at least adds a bit more variety to the lineup.

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