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Sony announce first smartphone for gamers

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Photo of Sony Xperia PLayHave Smartphones caught up with handheld gaming consoles or has the handheld gaming console caught up with the Smartphone? This was the question on everyone’s lips at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, as Sony announced its new handheld gaming Smartphone hybrid, the Sony Xperia Play.


Is Apple Selling Your Personal Data?

Friday, February 25th, 2011

image of the Apple logoApple is in trouble again. This time, the mischievous child of the gadget world is being sued in California over claims that iPhones and iPads are encoded in such a way that external networks, such as advertisers, are able to access personal data via Apple approved apps.

The claim is that details such as age, gender, income, political views and even location are being made available to advertisers without the knowledge of the users. What’s more, advertisers are able to track what applications individual users download and how long they spend using those applications.

Sony’s Next Generation Portable gears up for battle with Nintendo’s 3DS

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Picture of Nintendo 3DS ConsoleThe scene is being set for the biggest gaming battle of them all as the two big bosses of handheld gaming consoles, Sony and Nintendo, get set to wrestle it out for market domination this year. Sony’s latest version of the PSP, currently codenamed the NGP (Next Generation Portable), is already straining at the leash, as the final touches are added in preparation for a showdown with Nintendo’s groundbreaking 3DS.