New pics of iPhone with edge-to-edge display look edgy

May 15th, 2013 by Mark J

Rumours of an edge-to-edge display for the iPhone have been doing the rounds for years but if the latest iPhone 6 concepts to hit the web are anything to go by then 2013 might see it finally make its way to Apple’s handset. This would mean an optimum amount of display area without having to make the phone any bigger. Perhaps more importantly it would be the first truly innovative move from Apple in a while, following the underwhelming unsurprisingness of the iPhone 5.

The most recent set of pics come courtesy of and whether they’re genuine Apple leaks or not they’re inline with several other edge-to-edge concept designs which have emerged recently. There’s no denying the edge-to-edge display is incredibly appealing and not only is there a regular-sized iPhone with the new screen pictured but an iPhone mini as well. In addition to looking pretty damn cool the concept is said to be made using a mixture of aluminium and carbon fibre. This means that not only is it 40% lighter but it’s 60% stronger as well.

If this latter part is true then it means the makers of protective cases might take a big hit as it sounds like the new iPhone could be indestructible.

There’s also talk of another radical change, the removal of the home button. Instead the bottom part of the phone is going to support multi-touch gestures. There’s still a little square where the button should be but there’ll be no click when it’s pressed.

Apple certainly needs to do something radical to re-establish itself as a leader in innovation and this concept has a lot going for it. However it’s still very much uncertain when we’re even going to see the device let alone what it’s going to look like or what it’s specs are going to be.

It’s expected that Apple will unveil a new operating system next month, and some think it will also take the covers off the iPhone 5S as well. However it could just be a slightly tweaked version of the iPhone 5. Other rumours suggest that there won’t be an iPhone 5S and Apple will be launching the iPhone 6 soon. Then there are the people who think that we won’t even see the iPhone 6 until 2014.

As for the phone pictured it’s said to be running iOS 8, which would place its release firmly in next year.

If the next iPhone looks like any of the concept images that have appeared lately then it might be worth the wait. Of course it might just a boring old slightly faster, slightly better, version of the current iPhone that only makes Apple’s doubters more doubtful.

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